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Marketing Secrets Show – Episode 412


Tony Robbins: The Science of Achievement Versus The Art of Fulfillment



Inside This Episode…

Russell Brunson interviews the world’s greatest life transformation coach Tony Robbins on success, achievement, and feeling fulfilled in what we do. What do you want? How do you get there? What gives you pleasure? What makes you feel alive? Join Russell and Tony for a very unexpected…but life changing…journey. 

Listen Out For:

  • ​The specific sequence of events that lead to fulfillment and happiness
  • ​How entrepreneurs can avoid going ‘backwards’ in their quest for success
  • ​How you meet your needs will determine your future. How do you meet them?

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'Mic Drop' Moments

  • ​“Is this all there is?”
  • ​“We’re made to grow” ​
  • ​“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”
  • ​ ​“Progress equals growth. Progress equals happiness”
  • ​ ​“Find out how to get money chasing you instead of you chasing money”
  • ​ ​“Don’t let learning lead to knowledge, let learning lead to action”


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Highlights From This Episode:

Here’s the Show Notes breakdown for today’s Interview:Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson Pt 1

2:23 Science Of Achievement Versus The Art Of Fulfillment

  • ​Russell asks about the distinction between the two
  • ​Tony talks about success and fulfillment when dealing with achievement

2:19 Disease Or Vitality

  • ​Tony explains why you need to be in alignment with your health, finances, and goals
  • ​Do you want low energy or strength?

2:36 Science Is Duplicatable, Fulfillment Is Different For Everybody

  • ​Be careful or you could miss out on feeling fulfilled
  • ​Tony asks you to think of a time when you achieved something. How did you feel?

3:37 We’re Made To Grow

  • ​4 out of 50 billionaires Tony interviewed are happy…maybe
  • ​Money just magnifies who you are
  • ​ Why aren’t these billionaires satisfied or fulfilled?

5:45 What Wakes YOU Up?

  • ​Why most of the astronauts who went to the moon felt unfulfilled for the rest of their lives

9:40 Tony Shares The Hindu 4 Aims Of Life

  • ​Find a way to serve others
  • ​How pleasure is the driving force of life ​
  • ​Figure this out about money to help with happiness

14:35 Tony Asks, “What Makes You Successful?

  • ​Tony shares how to get to where you want to go faster

17:21 Our Basic Human Needs

  • ​These 6 human needs guide everyone’s life
  • ​This one thing can determine your destiny

22:17 Which Direction Are You Headed In?

  • ​By knowing your top two needs, Tony can tell you how your life will turn out and how to help you
  • ​Should you focus on Achievement or Fulfillment?

27:11 This Makes All The Difference In Your Success

  • ​You can read and study and learn all you want, but you must do this to grow ​
  • ​Find your vehicle to have this in your life



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