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Marketing Secrets Show – Episode 507


The Greatest 'Funnel' Opportunity That Everyone Missed (Including Me)...



Inside This Episode…

We’re talking about an exciting internet marketing opportunity that’s been hiding right under our noses, and we didn’t even realize it. Experts Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera join the conversation to share the ‘loophole’ they accidentally found that nobody knows about yet…and how you can turn this specific ‘funnel’ into a thriving BUSINESS.

Listen Out For:

  • ​Why businesses are LOSING 96% of their customers and not even realize it (...and the simple "plug" that can stop the sales leak almost instantly)!
  • ​The BIG difference between a Website and a FunnelHub                                                            ​
  • ​How you can quickly grow a service-based business or agency building FunnelHubs for other businesses 

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You can learn more about building a FunnelHub for your own business, or starting an agency that builds FunnelHubs for others through Mike & AJ’s training program called FunnelHub Launchpad.



Guest Resources

AJ Rivera & Mike Schmidt - Co-Founders of FunnelHub

To get Mike and AJ's training (and all the bonuses from this episode go to

Highlights From This Episode:

Here’s the Show Notes breakdown for today’s Masterclass: FunnelHubs

2:23 What Is A FunnelHub?

  • ​Mike and AJ talk about the ‘origin’ of how they came across the concept of the FunnelHub one day while waiting for a Mastermind event to begin.
  • ​ Business owners don’t realize how often they are being searched for and ‘Googled’ by people who want to know more about who they are, and what they do. And they don’t realize what information (if any) those people are finding when they do search.

4:32 The Mindset That Most Online Entrepreneurs Have Been Drilled Into Their Entire Career.

  • ​Russell gave a visual illustration of how most entrepreneurs look at the world, and how conversions typically happen.
  • ​3 or 4% of your traffic that lands on a page may buy. But what happens to the 96% of people that don’t buy? ​
  • ​AJ explains the thought process and psychology behind what’s going on in the minds of the 96% who are hesitating to buy…and what they do instead. At every point in a sale there is a ‘Trust Tipping Point’.

7:47 Mike & AJ’s FIRST Case Study - Steve J. Larsen

  • ​They knew they needed to test the strategy behind this idea in order to KNOW that this is a real and viable business opportunity.
  • ​Steve is a well-respected entrepreneur in the online/ClickFunnels space. Russell wanted to know how that happened, why they picked him, and the results of the case study.

18:13 The “A-Ha Moment” Mike And AJ Had After Creating And Proving Their FunnelHub Strategy Several Times.

  • ​They walked through several more examples of successful entrepreneurs who had virtually no searchable footprint online, and showed what each of their new FunnelHubs looked like.
  • ​ Russell equated the FunnelHub to a digital ‘Shock & Awe’ package that you send to somebody, with ALL the things they need to know about who you are and what you do. ​
  • ​Russell said that this is the centralized “spot” that he can finally send people to when people want more information.

23:13 How FunnelHubs Work For Traditional, Local, Or Small Businesses

  • ​Mike and AJ’s business was originally built on serving local businesses as an agency. Mike said that so many local businesses build websites out of ‘obligation’, but so often it doesn’t work, or there’s something missing. Maybe local professionals (like dentists, chiropractors, tax professionals, ect) aren’t running webinars, but they’re still doing marketing that gets people running back to the internet to look them up online.
  • ​They are able to use FunnelHubs as a service to business owners who have non-performing websites who may not understand the online marketing world, and aren’t familiar with Funnels. This is a perfect gateway to introduce business owners to the online marketing space, and get them curious about other funnels, and reduce the online resistance that some local or small business owners may have.

32:41 Are There Any Businesses That DON’T Need A FunnelHub? (This Triggered A Big Discussion On The Immense Opportunity For People Who Want To Build A Business Creating FunnelHubs For Others As A Service Provider).

  • ​Every business has a story to tell. Every business has unique selling points that sets them apart from their competitors.
  • ​ If those are important pieces to attracting your customer, then you need a FunnelHub. ​​
  • ​Nobody else was building FunnelHubs besides Mike & AJ, and there’s no way they can serve all the businesses in the world. So the market is WIDE OPEN to build FunnelHubs for other businesses. ​
  • ​Russell shared that this is something that, if you’ve been in internet marketing and trying to get a business off the ground or looking for a business opportunity, could be done TODAY. It doesn’t take startup capital. There’s a huge need. The market is huge.

36:47 How FunnelHub Works (Showed How To Quickly Create A FunnelHub For People Who Want To Build On For Themselves, Or Want To Build Them For Clients As A Service...

  • ​They discussed the host of technical questions that come up.                                                 
  • ​ It used to take Mike and AJ 12-15 weeks to build out a website for a client, which was frustrating and some turned unprofitable very quickly. ​
  • ​But FunnelHubs became the foundation of ClickFunnels 2.0, which allows you to create them quickly, by dragging and dropping the information onto your pages. ​

43:10 Mike Talked About The Process They Use Extract The Information From Your Clients (If You’re Doing This As An Agency) So That Collecting All Of Their Content Doesn’t Take Forever. (This Is Traditionally Where Projects Can Get Really Delayed).

46:00 Russell: “How Can People Who Want To Build FunnelHubs For Others Go Out And Get Clients, And Make The Sale?

  • ​People love the idea of having a business, but get frustrated because they get nervous or think they “suck at selling.”
  • ​Mike mentioned that talking about FunnelHubs is nothing more than a natural conversation and journey that you take your customer on. It’s not about a bullet-point sheet of paper with a price at the bottom. Instead, it’s about “I know you are, I trust you, and I can see how you’re going to help me.” Mike and AJ have perfected a process, and walked us through their slide deck for presenting FunnelHubs to potential clients.

51:20 Mike Tells The Rain Gutter Story - And How It Relates To People Who Want To Build FunnelHubs As A Business, But Don’t Feel Skilled At Sales.

54:15 We’ve Been Working To Create Something For The ClickFunnels Community To Be Able To Help You Build FunnelHubs For Others As A Way For Funnel Builders To Grow A Business.

57:18 Mike And AJ Break Down How To Become A FunnelHub Builder For Other Owners As A Business.

58:18 How To Get The TECHNICAL Training On Building FunnelHubs

  • ​Learn the tactical/TECH-side of FunnelHubs (how do you build it, what’s the strategy, training from the ClickFunnels team on all technical aspects, pre-build FunnelHub templates) ​
  • ​How to get the training on SELLING FunnelHubs - so you can build them for businesses
  • ​(How to get access to LIVE examples of sales processes, and the slide deck presentation to use, etc)

1:00:00 How To Get The Client Management Training - Taking Someone Through The Entire Client Process Of Building Out Their FunnelHub - Start To Finish…

1:00:33 Learn How You Can Create Long-Term REPEAT Clients Who Want You To Build Other Marketing Funnels For Them!

1:01:16 How To Get Russell’s 3-Module Training On Getting Your Foot In The Front To These Local & Small Businesses And Provide Value In Advance…Including:The Dead File Funnel, The Fishbowl Funnel, And Follow-Up Funnels!

Interested In Learning More About FunnelHubs?

Whether you want to build a FunnelHub for your own business, or you’re looking to start an agency that builds FunnelHubs for others…

The best way to learn more and get started is with Mike & AJ’s training program called FunnelHub Launchpad.

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