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Dean Graziosi: THRIVE (Don’t Just Survive)



Inside This Episode…

Russell interviews marketing superstar and success coach Dean Graziosi on how to step into your power and create a thriving business selling your knowledge and expertise. Dean shares how to unlock the secrets of gaining the confidence to package your ideas and the simple formula for selling what you know so you can transform and impact lives.

Listen Out For:

  • ​How to take what you already know…or even an idea…and turn it into a thriving business
  • ​How are you showing up in your life, in your business, in fulfilling your dreams?
  • ​The Simple 4-Step Formula for starting a successful business from scratch…even if you don’t know where to start, what to create, or how to do it

Ready To Go From Just "Surviving" To Thriving?

In just 5 days, learn Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and special guests' exact 5-step blueprint to package your ideas and create a thriving business to secure your future...even if you're starting from scratch. Save your free seat while you can for the “Time To Thrive” Challenge.

Highlights From This Episode:

Here’s the Show Notes breakdown for today’s Masterclass: FunnelHubs

03:25 How Tony Robbins Completely Changed Dean’s Life…for $397

  • ​Dean bought a Tony course and it completely changed his life from being in the auto collision business to becoming a real estate investor
  • ​Tony’s big influence and the “Impact Trickle Down Effect”...touching millions of lives in the process
  • ​How Dean and Tony became friends…and then business partners

06:01 Leaving a Legacy

  • ​Dean shares how he and Tony came up with the idea of showing people how to step into their power and create businesses from selling their knowledge. What to sell, how to sell, how to market, how to talk to your audience
  • ​Dean and Tony decide to create the greatest course ever on how to start their knowledge, coaching, and expertise…from beginner to expert

09:38 Why NOW For The “Time To Thrive” Challenge

  • ​During these uncertain economic and political times, it’s not just ‘fight’ or ‘flight’...because most people ‘freeze’ because they don’t know what to do. They’re asking themselves, “Is someone gonna fix this? Is it gonna get better? Is someone gonna save me?
  • ​Time To Thrive is not about just getting by or surviving…it’s about getting momentum and Thriving

13:38 How to Get Past “I Can’t Do This,” “I’m Not Sure,” “Will This Work?”

  • ​Dean tells an amazing and personal story of one of his “Time To Thrive” participants who’s child had a painful health issue and how she found a way to help her son when doctors couldn’t…and how she turned that knowledge into a product and service
  • ​Discover how to use what you know to help and serve others…and turn it into a thriving business
  • ​Dean shares how to unlock the secrets of the PROCESS and gaining CONFIDENCE to package and sell what you know

17:37 It Doesn’t Matter Who Else Is Doing What You’re Thinking Of Doing

  • ​Russell shares why it doesn’t matter if your idea is already taken…and WHY you must take action on it
  • ​Your audience is just WAITING to find you, follow you, and buy from you
  • ​Why competition is a GREAT thing

22:50 Wanna Know What Gets Tony Robbins Excited?

  • ​Dean shares what he says to Tony to get him pumped up to serve more people in helping them launch their business
  • ​Why it’s so important to build massive ‘reciprocity’ and how a Challenge is the perfect vehicle for achieving it
  • ​Ready to stop ‘dabbling’ and start getting REAL results? Then do this

25:31 Dean Breaks Down Each Day Of the 5-Day “Time To Thrive” Challenge

  • ​Listen closely and model this framework for YOUR business
  • ​Why now? Why is NOW the time to thrive?
  • ​Even if you hate selling, you’re going to love this

29:29 Russell and Dean On Why FREE Can Minimize Results For Your Customers

  • ​People who don’t pay don’t pay attention
  • ​Russell and Dean share the ‘economics’ of pricing your products and services
  • ​Remove this one simple thing from your thinking and your results go through the roof

35:41 Why “Going In All The Way” Is The Key To Your Success

  • ​How are you showing up in life? In your business? In fulfilling your dreams?
  • ​Why winning takes a back seat to this quality in YOU
  • ​It’s way better to prepare and anticipate than to react

40:16 Find Someone Who’s Done What You Want To Do And Model Them

  • ​You have to ‘burn the boats’ to achieve your dreams
  • ​Dean lays out the simple 4-step formula for starting your business, even if you don’t know where to start, what to create, what you’d do, or what path to take
  • ​Most people don’t get started because of the fear and overwhelm of not knowing what to do or WHERE to start. How would you like the exact PROCESS so you can break through the fear and overwhelm?

43:43 From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

  • ​Russell shares a great story about how his friend was able to ‘break the glass ceiling’ to get to $1,000,000 after years of struggle
  • ​Here’s how to truly begin to Thrive in your business…no matter where you are on your journey



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